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Down Beanie

Stumbled across the Black Rock hat the other day… At $59, it’s not the cheapest headwear around, but it sure looks the warmest!

For an amazing 0.7 oz (small) it actually beats out my current Mountain Hardware fleece hat.


Oh so tempting….

 2 Responses to “Down Beanie”

  1. Chris Wallace Says:

    I’ve had one since they were first put out. It’s warm for the weight, but I’m not so sure it’s better than say a double layer microfleece equivalent.

  2. Tom Murphy Says:

    I find my BLACK ROCK works very well as a second layer when in camp during my winter trips but I am reluctant to use it during the other seasons. I am concerned about sweating into the down and about washing it.

    My SMARTWOOL cuffed beanie is my primary insulating layer and it works well year round.

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