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Free Gear: Ultralight Bear Rope

My last freebie give away was almost two years ago. Time to spread the love again…

This time it’s some very cool ultralight hanging cord. This stuff is awesome, it’s made of Spectra and so is very strong. It has a breaking strength of 329 kg; which means while I wouldn’t tie it to my climbing harness and attempt a Factor 2 fall, it isn’t going to break when hauling your bags full of food into the trees, no matter how many days worth. It will also stand up pretty well to several games of camp tug-a-war with your new found trail mates.

Unlike most other spectra cords, this one has a flat vs. round profile. This is nice, as if you’ve every hauled a very heavy sack into trees, the thin round-profile of most light spectra will cut into the branch – damaging the tree or worse, sometimes getting stuck.

This particular cord, comes from one of my favorite ultralight focused companies: Gossamer Gear.

At Gossamer gear, $25 gets you in the cool club of bear-baggers with your 1.2 oz, 50 ft line. The cord is brand-new as I ordered too many.

You my friends, have a shot at the cool club for free today. The only catch is that if you win, you agree to pay postage.

How do you win? Simply submit a comment on this post and include your email address (so I can contact you if you win…) when you do. I’ll pick a lucky winner at random at 5pm (PST) Monday Sept 19th.

Good luck.

Update: 9/19/2001: Contest closed and winner announced here. 

 27 Responses to “Free Gear: Ultralight Bear Rope”

  1. Kevin Earls Says:

    I love a shot at winning!

  2. Michael Moore Says:

    Please enter me in your random drawing for the flat spectra rope!

  3. Matt Lacuesta Says:

    That looks like an awesome new toy to play with, hope I get it!

  4. Kevin Scruggs Says:

    Hey Brett: Would love a chance at winning. Will probably buy some anyway if I dont but like to have it. Thanks

  5. Trung Nguyen Says:

    I just nosedived my way into ultralight backpacking and found this thru Gossamer Gear’s FB page. Everyone loves rope!

  6. Kevin Ridge Says:

    Cool blog. Enter me in for the giveaway please.

  7. Erik Binder Says:

    Awesome! PCT method to the rescue!

  8. Luke Essex Says:

    nice blog. hope I win.

  9. Gabriel Lewis Says:

    thanks Brett. count me in.

  10. Dan Says:

    Glad to see you’re back to blogging again. I love your stuff…

  11. brettm Says:

    dan – thanks for the kind words. having two kids under 3 sure stomped on my “spare time”, blogging was the casualty :)

  12. Kevin Ow Says:

    I hope I win!

    Thanks in advance.


  13. Bill Says:

    Brett – really appreciate your site. Helped motivate me to get backpacking again after a 20 year break.

  14. Brian Green Says:

    That’s some pretty sweet cord, would love to try it out myself. Gossamer Gear for the win!

  15. Walt Archer Says:

    Looks like some great stuff…would love to win.

  16. Troy Meadows Says:

    I like free stuff. I wants to be in da cool club. Sign me up

  17. Barry Says:

    I’d love some flat spectra!

  18. Aaron Says:

    I would love to give that cord a shot. I am using Trip Tease right now, and I don;t think it is quite “slick” enough to get 4 days of food over the branch easy enough.


    great stuff !

  20. Jeff Says:

    This would make a fine addition to my gear.

  21. David Noll Says:

    I don’t need the Spectra cord as I have been using it for 2 years now. It is the best bear rope I have ever seen. Glad to see you blogging on a regular basis again. Kids are incredible, but they sure change our lives.


  22. Andy Says:

    Nice addition to anyone’s gear, especially mine.

  23. Chris Says:

    Love the blog, would love the cord. I could use more advice on UL footwear too if that’s a topic you’re considering.

  24. nick tucker Says:

    Thanks for the review, brett! I’d love a shot at some free rope!

  25. Scott Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Tyler Says:

    Looks awesome. Count me in! :)

  27. John Says:


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