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West Coast Trail – New Record

Three years ago – I reported that  Gary Robbins (arguably raving mad) ran the entire WCT in a single day – in 12.5 hrs.

This year – he set the new record in just 10 hours and 8 minutes. Staggering. Watching his video was fun – it sure seemed a lot drier than when I was there!


 3 Responses to “West Coast Trail – New Record”

  1. Dave Ure Says:

    Wow. Love it.

    I have done the WCT 5 times and each time a little different. The quickest was a 2 day fast pack and wasn’t that enjoyable, to be frank. The last time was a 6 day Yo Yo. South to North and back again. What a blast.

    Brett, have you ever thought about doing that?

  2. brettm Says:

    doing a yo-yo or doing it in 2-days. can’t say that either sounds that appealing ;) i’ve only done the WCT the once in 5-days S->N, I could certainly see it wouldn’t be that difficult to do it quicker – but 5 days already felt a little too quick – next time i’m probably try and expand it. i felt i missed some special moments of lingering on the beaches and spotting wild-life. maybe i’m getting old ;)

  3. Josh Says:

    That’s crazy.

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