About Brett Marl

I was born in the beautiful roman fortress of Chester in England, and moved to Seattle after University.
I worked at Microsoft for many years – and helped start two projects there. The first was Outlook Express – bringing email to the masses. The second was MSN Mobile – putting all of MSN’s properties on mobile phones and PDAs.

I left Microsoft in 2000 and co-founded a software startup in Seattle putting email on mobile phones – selling the company to Visto. In 2004 I joined Pure Networks as the CTO. Four years later we were aquired by Cisco where I started a new business unit focused on the Smart Grid. I left Cisco in late 2011 to get back into the Startup world and am playing with my next gig.

I have a huge (somewhat oxymoroninc) passion for both software and the outdoors. Although, I will do my best not to blog about software stuff here 🙂

I’ve been backpacking for 20+ years, and started experimenting with Ultralight backpacking around 2003 after stumbling on Rays Book.

In the summer, backpacking has to compete for my attention along with climbing and mountain biking. In the winter, my gear gets tucked away in favour of snowboarding season.

I’m also somewhat of a DIY nut. Theresa (my wife) and I have an old house in Seattle and spend a lot of time remodeling or helping friends with remodeling projects. Everyone needs a welder and a plasma cutter, right?

Other hobbies? Of course… photography, helping Theresa with her Art School business and I suppose blogging.

I’m also proud daddy to two very cute boys who are 3 1/2 and 18mo old. My blogging has slowed to a trickle since they came along, but I’m hoping to jump back on the wagon once I can come up for air 🙂

email: brettm-at-gmail-dot-com

Twitter: brettmarl

10 thoughts on “About Brett Marl

  1. John Callahan

    I have enjoyed reading the information on your web site especially the New Gear List. My nine year old son Ian and I are attempting our first ultralight backpacking trip together with friends this weekend. We are hiking up to the Pinnacle on the AT near Hamburg, PA. I noticed that the link to your old gear list does not work. Could I get access to the list – I am curious on your transition from old to new.

    Thanks, John

  2. Oz

    I just came across your blog. I really like it. It is very informative.

    Enjoy that little guy. Mine is about to be 13 and I wish I would have done a lot more with him when he was younger.

  3. johnny ferguson

    brett maybe you can help me find a tarp i’m looking for it’s from bozeman
    mountain works their nano stealth tarp at 3.5oz or any other tarp close . I can’t seem to find that tarp from bozeman any where. I talked to someone last year and they said it would be avalible late spring . I tried again in the fall 09 but still no luck . i decided to start before backpacking season got here, but haven’t been able to find one yet. I thiught you might could help.
    Thanks Johnny Ferguson

  4. Scott Sticklin

    Ran across your site while searching for info on the Copper Ridge loop.
    Any suggestions as to best source of info re: current trail conditions?
    Looks to be lots of persistent snow over there this year…
    Thank you Sir,
    Scott S

  5. David Noll

    If you send me your email address I’ll send you our WCT trip report. We finished on Aug 10 and went lightweight.


  6. Jim Black

    Absolutely love this blog! I was raised by the Pasayten and spent vacations in it in the 1960s. FUN!

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