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Climb Baby Climb

Chester just turned two and he’s got the whole walking and running thing pretty squared away now. Time for a new challenge! Probably too early to put him on Ski’s, so I figured – put him on a climbing wall Smile 

Toddlers are top-heavy and can flip easily on a descent – so a waist-harness is not secure enough. I’ve been looking at full-body harness options.

There are two that peaked my attention:

The first is the Petzl Ouistit – it’s a nice harness with some good padding in the leg loops. However, the leg loops don’t look as adjustable. It’s designed for 4-9 year olds – and while I read reviews of people putting a 3-year old in it – I suspect it might be too big for Chester.


So next up is the Mammut Elefantito. Granted, this thing may look like Joe Brown bodged it together with some left-over slings while eating a bacon buttie at the bottom of Tremadog, however, it is a lot more adjustable and several reviews report it fitting two year olds quite well. So the Mammut wins this time.



Assuming Chester takes to a few trips to Vertical World, Daddy will be breaking out the drill and whipping up a quick 4×8 panel of holds in the garage for him to tinker on.

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  1. MegganJoy Says:

    LOVE the idea of a little climbing wall, I don’t have children yet but I just emailed my husband and told him when we do he needs to make them a wall… : ) I just stumbled upon your blog, I really like it. Getting ready for Wonderland in 2010 myself. Really excited and I liked reading your day by day.

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