Black Diamond Ion LED Headlamp

Let there be light!

This headlamp weighs only 1.1 oz., and the battery lasts forever. A few times, we've have to hike out in the dark of night and been glad we had these things. Also useful for breaking camp early before the sun is up.

I always carry a spare battery in my first aid kit. I figure with 3 batteries between us, that should get us out of any sticky situations.

Available from REI for $19.95.

2 thoughts on “Black Diamond Ion LED Headlamp

  1. Michael Spotts

    I’m really enjoying your blog, Brett. Have been for a while.

    Are you familiar with the .9 oz Petzle E+Lite. It’s brighter, and has a red mode. I wrote a review here:

    Also, I carry a 2 oz. Quark AA lithium light that packs 100 lumens (!) …. it can light up a whole site by wrapping a 2″ tube of wax paper and tape around the end, and tail standing it like a lantern. The same light clips on my hat, and has a .2 lumen (!) moonlight mode for tent chores. On that mode, the battery lasts literally hundreds of hours. Waterproof to four meters. That’s also in the review.

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