Bug Repellant

It's rare things get so bad that we slap this on, but I always feel to good to have it.

We like Sawyer Controlled Release Insect Repellant sold at REI. It has no odor, is a nice lotion blend and is slow release for many hours. We used it extensivley in Thailand and it worked pretty well. It has 20% DEET, which is enough to keep West Nile at bay without destroying your brain cells.

We always pour it out of the bottle into a small 1 oz squeeze bottle, so we don't take too much.

Bug Repellant from REI for $4.95.

Container from REI for $1.

2 thoughts on “Bug Repellant

  1. Alex

    Hi Brett. Have you ever had any problems transferring DEET-based bug juice to a plastic container other than the one it came in? I’m worried it’d eat through the plastic if it’s not of the right kind…

  2. brettm

    not so far… but i’ve only ever used the sawyer product. it’s held up pretty well in those REI containers for several years without melting… maybe stronger DEET would burn through?

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