Coolmesh Socks

And here's me thinking a sock was just a sock. Not so!

In the old days, I used to wear a big thick pair of wool socks with a thinner sock liner, stuffed into my big heavy leather boots. Death by blisters is not my chosen way to go.

This socks weigh only 1 oz., and are 'double layered' meaning they have a liner built in. They work great with my trail running shoes to keep me moving on the trail.

I have to take atleast 3 pairs, as I find my trail running shoes let in a lot of dust from being open-mesh. By the end of the day my toes are black from grime and the socks as a little worse for wear. Nothing a field-wash won't take care of, but I like to make sure I have a good day to get them dry again.

Cool Mesh Socks from REI for $8.50.

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