Highgear Axis Watch

This is a decent backpacking watch.

It has a few features built-in that I find useful, when backpacking:

  1. 1. An altimeter
  2. 2. An electronic compass
  3. 3. A temperature sensor

The built-in altimeter was really the main feature I was after. I find the altimeter useful to track where I am wrt. the trail guide and descriptions. When slogging up a set of switchbacks, it's more accurate for me to tell my distance based on altitude than time.

I also find the temperature gauge handy at night to determine how cold it's getting, however, the watch has to be off your wrist to get accurate readings.

The alarm comes in handy if you need to do a 5am start to get enough miles in the day and want to be up before sunrise, and of course, the compass allowed me to save precious ounces from my pack.

Available from Amazon for $149.

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