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Devils Loop– Photo Trip Report

Trail Name: Crater-Jackita Ridge-Devils Loop Trip Report

Distance: 43-ish miles

Date of Trip: September 20-22, 2011

Permit Info: An overnight permit is required but can easily be obtained at the Methow Ranger District.

Getting There: From Seattle, take I5-N, then Highway 20-E towards Winthrop. Ample parking at the trailhead a few miles after Ross Dam.

Trail Map:


Map from 100 Classic Hikes in Washington

This trip report is going to be a little different… normally I include all the excruciating detail; however – on this trip I decided to keep on my notes in my iPhone vs. my usual pen & paper method; and ended up killing my phone. The trip was almost 6 months ago and I have the memory of a goldfish, so I can’t recall all the details.

However, my friend Tim took some great photos that are just too good not to share… so here goes a quick photo-trip report.


This trail covers 40+ miles of spectacular terrain dipping into the lonely and vast Pasayten Wilderness in northern Washington. We took it anti-clockwise starting with a big climb up to Crater Lake and heading north to Devils Pass. From here you can do an extended loop (90m or so) by going north, but we only had a few days and so opted for the shortcut west across Devils Dome and a very flat hike out along the lake shore.

Day 1:

Day 2:



Day 3:

And so started day 3. It dumped on us all morning with brutal wind. Our cameras didn’t come out after this. Devils Done was rough – the umbrellas had a tough time in the exposure and sideways rain, so the waterproof jackets had to ensure most of it. By the time we reached the shores of Ross Lake for our camp site, it was still somewhat early in the afternoon. Faced with a soggy night, we opted for a hike out. We came out by headlamps after an epic 24 mile day.

I made the mistake of taking new shoes for this trip and not replacing the insoles with super-feet. The stock inserts were awful when fully saturated and hiking hard and kept folding up uncomfortably. I won’t make that mistake again.

 3 Responses to “Devils Loop– Photo Trip Report”

  1. Josh Says:

    Wow, looks beautiful. Thanks for trying to remember the trip and sharing it out. Nice photos Tim! The panorama of the mountain range with the cloudy sky is spectacular.

  2. Bill Says:

    Great hike Brett – I did that same trip with my nephew two seasons ago. Tough climb up to Devils Park that first day! Were you beyond Devils Dome (towards the lake) when you started your last long day?

  3. brettm Says:

    hey bill,

    sorry for delayed reply! … no on the last day we were well before devils dome – closer to devils park. it was a long day, the climb over devils dome was awful – pounding sideways rain and high winds. hope to get back and see it in calmer times!

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