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I’m an Idiot

Yes. Self-professed moron.

I’ve recently been experimenting with taking my iphone into the wild. It’s a pretty handy multi-tool; it replaces my camera and gives me a ton more functions (notepad, peak-finder, compass, gps, maps etc) I’ll detail about in another post.

However, a couple of weeks ago I did a trip in the Pasayten wilderness and it chucked down with rain. I stupidly put my phone in a cheap and cheerful ziplock sarnie bag and the seal failed miserably.

Five days of drying out in a bowl of rice later, and my iphone is officially toast; and of course, stupidity is not covered by AppleCare.

The sad part is that I have a ton of aLOKSAK bags at home and I didn’t bring one…

These bags are awesome, bomb-proof and leak-proof. Next time my iphone will be snuggled up inside one.

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 7 Responses to “I’m an Idiot”

  1. Brian Green Says:

    That sucks about your phone. I too use my iPhone for photography, in fact almost every photo on my blog was taken using my iPhone4. My wife recently left her iPod touch out on our back deck overnight and we had a huge rain storm. Our end result after drying it out in rice etc was a dead device that wasn’t covered by AppleCare.

    However, I don’t have the same level of faith in aLOKSAK bags that you do. I’ve had many of them of vary sizes and have found them to be as water/leak proof as ziplock bags or worse. I don’t rate them at all and no longer buy any of them.

    Have you used aLOKSAK bags in really wet or underwater conditions?

  2. brettm Says:

    bummer to hear… i put my camera in one on the west-coast trail and it did really well in many days of downpour, you have to make sure you get the double-seal right. i only have the little ones.

    what do you like instead of aLOKSAK?

  3. Alan Says:


  4. brettm Says:

    no… really? you tried it? looks awesome if it works.

  5. Anthony Says:

    The liquipel process seems pretty legit. I have the life proof case and it worked amazingly. I took it to the UAE and used it to record my niece and nephew while going on water rides. never had an issue with water getting into the case. The sound and picture were great. I also took it to the desert and mountains. Dropped it in sand, on rocks and no issues as well.

  6. Steve Says:

    My iPhone has its own ‘bat suite’ and it’s awesome! I would think it’s perfect for taking the phone out in the wild!


  7. Brett on Stuff » Devils Loop– Photo Trip Report Says:

    [...] trip I decided to keep on my notes in my iPhone vs. my usual pen & paper method; and ended up killing my phone. The trip was almost 6 months ago and I have the memory of a goldfish, so I can’t recall all the [...]

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