Mountain Desktop 1.0

Inspired by a recent post by Sarah on the new High-Def Mt. St. Helens web camera,

I jimmied up a little windows application that downloads the camera feed image every half hour and sets your desktop background.

Announcing "Mountain Desktop 1.0".

I will say, after running it for a week where you could actually see the mountain (it's pretty socked in these days), it kind of made me happy.

Hour by hour, I got to see shifts in the clouds, and watch the sunset over St. Helens, and what I was watching on my desktop was consistent with the weather outside my window in downtown Seattle.

It's a pretty simple application right now, but if anyone other than me ends up using it I'm happy to add support for more camera feed etc. Although it really works best with high-def images.

Download Mountain Desktop here.

You need the .NET 2.0 Runtime installed in order to run it.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Desktop 1.0

  1. Sarah

    If only all the Volcano cameras were HD out here 😉 There is not much better than clicking on Helen’s camera and seeing her in the sun. Ok, maybe being there in person!
    I wish they had one facing Mt. Rainier and not away from her!

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