My Bear Bagging Kit

No, it's not for bagging bears. It's for bagging up your food to keep out of reach of bears. Or raccoons, chipmunks, other hungry hikers etc.

I've refined this over the years taking feedback from other hikers and what I glean off forums etc. 


The kit comprises of a few key items:

Total weight for everything 1.3 oz.

The gossamer gear spectra line is flat vs round. This makes it safer when hanging heavy food bags in trees as it glides over limbs without ’sawing’ into them

The kit makes it easy to perform the "PCT Method" of hanging food bags. Follow the link for detailed instructions on how to use this method.

Tip: The article shows how you use a twig or stick in the field to tie a clove hitch around. I find with heavy bags it's hard to undo the hitch in the morning. One option is to break the stick – another is to bring a small section of chopstick. It's strong enough to hold the load and tapered so that it slides off easily in the morning.

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