North Face Fleece Pullover

Functional and light at 7 oz.

Not as light or warm as Theresas cool down vest, but I like to have my sleeves covered. Maybe I'll explore the vest some day once this is worn out.

At night, I make a pillow out of my sleeping bag sack stuffed with spare clothes and wrap this aound the outside of the stuff sack. Nice fleecy pillow… 🙂

REI has these for $55.

2 thoughts on “North Face Fleece Pullover

  1. evan

    Thanks for the interesting blog. I am in search of lighter clothes for backpacking. I called North Face and asked for weight of TKA fleece pullover, and Surgent pullover, in size large. They said around 270 grams, or 9 ounces. What kind is this that you list at 7 ounces? And what size is it? I am also looking for lighter alternatives to my Columbia nylon shirts (10 oz) and convertible pants(9 oz), but haven’t found anything much lighter yet. I am investigating silk shirts and wind pants. Thanks for any info you can give me.

  2. brettm

    evan – good question – it’s an old one, so i don’t even know the name. i’m sure it’s not made anymore. it’s probably a small or medium if size helps. i know they vary a lot by size. check out my gear list for light weight waterproof pants.

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