Platypus 60oz Hoser

"Hyrdate or die!"

Isn't that the slogan of one of the Camel Bak marketing campaigns? It's pretty accurate and these Platypus Hosers allow us to do just that.

They fit perfectly into the back pouch of a Jam Backpack and the hose locates on your pack straps for easy access.

I found when I used to drink from nalgene bottles, I would not stop enough to consume enough water and would have headaches when I reached camp. Having full-time easy access to water allow me to sip while I'm trotting and it makes a huge difference.

Also, in my old-world of carrying a heavy pack, I found that I wanted to have an excuse to stop every so often to swig water and take of the painful load. It was such an ordeal each time. Gone are those days, and with Ultralight we just keep on moving and keep looking at the view.

Despite their effective marketing campaign, I chose the Platypus over the Camel Bak products are they are significantly lighter. Camel Baks come with big heavy fancy easy-access lids on their reservoirs, which add a lot of dead-weight.

Throw a couple of Platypus patches in your first aid kit, and you have some good insurance.

Available from Amazon for $19.95.

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