Sand between my toes

The West Coast Trail will be a lot of beach hiking. I have not done much sand hiking before, and I'm wondering how well a pair of trail runners will hold up.

Sand inside my socks between my toes rubbing for tens of miles sounds like a sure way to blister hell.

So I'm thinking some gaiters might be a good idea, atleast to stop the sand entering the tops.

Mountain Hardware makes a 2 oz trail gaiter for $35 from BackcountryGear.

The other option is the eVent Shortie at 2.5 oz and $25.

Or perhaps better yet – the Mont Bell Stretch, at 1.5 oz.

8 thoughts on “Sand between my toes

  1. Wade

    I have the MontBell Stretch gaiters and used them all last year- including the Wonderland trail.

    The only problem with them is that the combo shoes/gaiters I used tore the elastic to shreds (on the scree you’ll find alot in Washington) and I have not fixed it – they are easy to replace however.

  2. brett Post author

    We went with the Montbell gaiters for our West Coast Trail trip – they performed really well.

  3. Tom Ahlers

    How about an update on gaiters? I need low cut, light-weight, cool for summer. My object is to keep abrasive stuff out of the socks/shoes.

  4. brett Post author

    The Mont Bell Stretch, at 1.5 oz still appear to be the lightest option out there…

  5. kyle

    going to hawaii to hike the kalalau trail soon. thinking some short gaiters might be nice. I wear really short nike socks. thinking the hawaii sand might get nasty in my shoes. would you recommend the montbell gaiters in hot humid conditions? any other ideas for my journey?

  6. patrick

    I’ve got a trip coming up that is primarily on the beach. I’ve never felt the need for gaiters in the past, but this much walking on sand has me thinking differently.
    Do you think you could have lived without the gaiters while hiking on the sand, or did they become a necessary part of your kit because of the beach sand?
    I’m trying to figure out if gaiters would be worthwhile, or just another piece of gear that I didn’t need to lug along (granted, a fairly light piece fo gear).

  7. brettm

    i actually hike with these little gaiters on almost every trip these days – beach or not. they weight next to nothing and stop any crud entering the tops of my shoes. personally, i’d bring them on a beach hike. sand gets everywhere.

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