Snow Peak Spork

It's a fork. Or a Spoon. Wait, no… it's a fork, I mean a spoon.

Whatever, it's $8 and light as hell at 0.6 oz.

No backpacker should be alone in the wilderness without a Spork.

Available from good old Amazon for $8.

One thought on “Snow Peak Spork

  1. brett Post author

    Update: If you are tempted by this – you may want to also consider simply using a Lexan Plastic Spoon. I find the ‘fork’ part of this useless – as I mostly use it to eat freeze-dried meals with. A simple lexan plastic spoon is pretty indestructable, and doesn’t stain at all. It’s strong and hard to break and weighs slightly less at ~ 0.5 oz but costs a lot less.

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