Snow Peak Titanium Giga Power Stove

Ahh… the Snow Peak stove. I love this little fellow.

This is an ultralight stove, and weighs in at a whopping 3.7 oz.. It uses small canisters that last for a decent amount of time.

Going from an MSR Whisperlite to this thing was night and day. The Piezo igniter makes it super easy to light, and there's no priming or pumping to get it going. Backup matches are a good ideas, as the Piezos have been known to fail in the field – altho' mine has been running for over 3 years quite happily.

You can get an optional windshield, which I would recommend for breezy nights.

Based on the 3.8 oz. fuel canisters you can buy, it takes 4 minutes to boil 2 cu. of cold water, and closer to 6 minutes in the later stages of the canister. To account for altitude and waste, I plan to get about 12 burns out of each canister. That's pretty decent for the weight.

Available from Amazon for $75.

One thought on “Snow Peak Titanium Giga Power Stove

  1. Dan

    I use the Coleman Exponent F1 Ultralight Stove 2.7 oz! Awesome little stove. Doesn’t have a piezo igniter though 🙁

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