Summer Trip Planning

Lots of talk about where to get our Epic hike in this year. Head to California and do the JMT? Re-do the West Coast Trail? Short run to Goat Rocks?

Reality is that it will probably be something modest this year. Theresa is pregnant again with Kid 2.0 and due in early August, so I'll have to squeeze this one in early. With such low snow cover, shouldn't be a problem. Lots of talk earlier this week with Tim and again this evening with Nigel on doing the PCT section between Snoqualmie and Stevens. It's about 70 miles with ~ 12k feet up and down. Tim is wanting to make it a 3-day long weekend (temporary insanity), Nigel is wanting a more leisurely 5-day trip.

If you're thinking of an epic trip this summer, what is on the top of your list? Shoot me a comment and let me know…

10 thoughts on “Summer Trip Planning

  1. Aaron

    I am hoping to do some of the Continental Divide Trail… I would like to do all of it some day (long hike), but I am planning on doing at least a few ong weekends up there this summer!

  2. brettm Post author

    cool – I don’t know much about the CDT. i guess the PCT and AT get all the attention 🙂

  3. Aaron

    Well… I live in Colorado, right at the base of the foothills, so it’s only an hour or two so drive to get to. Driving to the PCT or AT… that would be a longer drive…

  4. Nick

    This May will be my first national park…Yosemite. I will be there six nights. I am elated to be going. Untill then AT stuff here in PA.

  5. brettm Post author

    very cool! i’ve hiked half-dome – very pretty and fun (altho’ touristy), Theresa spent several summers working in Yosemite valley in college, and speaks highly of all the backpacking trips she did in that area.

  6. mlblakney

    Some friends of mine are doing the Evolution Basin this summer. Its 44 miles with a 5k elevation gain. Looks pretty sweet.

  7. Tim Colman

    Nick, Brett: Hiked the JMT late last summer from Tuloumne Meadows to Devil’s Postpile. Five days. We were going to start in the Valley, but a forest fire got going and prevented us from starting below Nevada Falls. Amen to accidents.

    The one thing you cannot get your head around is how much hiking there is to do off the JMT. From a map, it all looks A-B. But once we put our 6 hours of hiking in every day, we would rest, and then go explore. We had so much fun on the side trips.

    May will be buggier and more flowing water, and since we crossed snow in August, I would bet on white stuff with the dumps in the Sierras this past winter. But it may melt as quick as it came.

    Get ready for a glorious trip whatever you decide. There is enough in Yosemite to go back again and again. We were all 50 yrs plus — and kept at a 2 mph pace for 7 hrs with rests every hour.

    Toe socks, body glide, and good boots. You’ll be in heaven.

    This year I am hiking at Glacier National Park end of April and Enchantments here in the Cascades end of September. Hope to get some hiking in the Dolomites in October. But that’s only if this volcano has stopped spewing by then.

  8. backcountrybill

    Hi Brett – I did two nice trips this summer. The first started at Colonial Creek Campground at Diablo Lake on Highway 20 – Over Park Creek Pass down to the Stehekin Road then west over Cascade Pass. The second was Stevens Pass to Leavenworth via the Icicle Ridge trail. This is an amazing hike over a couple of 7300′ passes. PCT south to Lake Josephine. South on the Icicle River Trail then east on the Icicle Ridge trail. Factor you days for this trip on elevation gain/loss and not on miles.

    Send me an e-mail if you want anymore info on thee trips.

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