TGO Submissions Due Today


The Great Outdoor  challenge is a ~200 mile hike from the west coast to the east coast of Scotland.

Entry forms are due by 10/17 (Today) for the event starting in May 2009.

The TGO is on my 5 long distance trip I really want to do  list, so we submitted forms today. Hopefully we will get selected.

I might be somewhat ambitious given I have a newborn at home – but Theresa is game for hanging out with my parents in the UK with baby Chester, while Nigel, Lynn, Tim and I do the hike.

Fingers crossed we get selected – as there are many more applicants than spots available

4 thoughts on “TGO Submissions Due Today

  1. brett Post author

    I’m pretty sure we’re in – My friend Nigel (One of our group) spoke to Roger at submission time who said that all international submissions are automatically accepted. Haven’t had offical word though… but I’ll hear soon enough – I’m sure Roger has his hands full 🙂

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