Thermarest Ultralight 3 – 3/4 length

A true ultralight enthusiast would be sleeping on a bed of dander and leaves in the forest.

However, I like a good nights sleep, and this thermarest does it for me.

Granted, a little bit of a luxury at a whopping 13.1 oz. Get the short 3/4 length model – you really don't need anything longer – just drop your pack at the bottom for your feet to rest on.

Available from Amazon for $67.

2 thoughts on “Thermarest Ultralight 3 – 3/4 length

  1. The Shot Caller

    Hi Brett, It’s me again the Shot Caller. I have been using your site as a point of reference in my gathering and research of UL gear- so thanks again! I am 6’4″, do you still recommend the Thermarest ‘short’ version? It’s hard to choose since REI keeps them all rolled up! Thanks for the recommendation!


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