Ultralight Pillow?

OK.. so we established that my dentist Bob likes a Pillow

So what are the options for other hikers with a pillow fetish?

Bob mentions the Montbell UL Comfort System Pillow, which at 2.3 oz might be a pretty good nights sleep.

But can Bob (remember this is the same guy that saws off the extra length on the Titanium bolts on his race-car) do better? Sure he can…

The FlexAir Ultralight pillow. Totally waterproof and at 0.56 oz gives Bob a whopping 1.74 oz refund. Not to mention the $20 of so in savings, as these puppies run $6.29 for a 3-pack.

I actually did try the FlexAir on our Rampart Lake hike – it faired pretty well, although needed to be slightly deflated for the most comfort.

These days I'm back to the old stuff-sack of spare clothes approach and pretty happy with it. Give me a few Tylenol PMs and a flimsy torso pad and I'm a happy camper.

Wait! Doesn't Tylenol cause tooth decay? Oh no – that's Methadone, never mind…

3 thoughts on “Ultralight Pillow?

  1. Sarah


    I use a Thermarest sit pad for my pillow. It is the same as my Prolite 3 ladies pad and I find that it doesn’t slide all over my pad at night. It is rigid as well, lots of support. And dual purpose as well!

    Then again….I have used my boots as a pillow before 😉

  2. Frank Perkins

    I tried the BPL FlexAir UL pillow and it was just way too noisy for me. I recently switched to a Thermarest reverseable stuff sack which has fleece lining on the inside. So far so good. However, it’s a hog at 3.3 ounces.

  3. Bob

    Wrapping the pillow in a spare piece of clothing really cuts the noise. If you want to try just a couple they are available for $3.99 for 2 at UltralightDesigns.com.

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