Ultralight Stream Crossing Shoes

If you subscribe to Ray Jardines ultralight philosophy – you don't really need these. You should just plough ahead and do stream crossings in your hiking/tennis shoes – get them soaked – and let them dry out over the next few hours.


However, If I know the trail will be mostly dry, except for a few stream crossings – I would rather take a little bit of a hit – and get across the water with dry feet. I've tried sandals, neoprene socks etc – and while not the most stylish option (be prepared to be laughed at), these nylon mesh shoes are a great balance between some sole-protection and minimal weight penalty.

Ignore the sizes. I wear a men's 10 and I can JUST fit into the large size – no way I could get into the medium.

Theresa has the small at 1.5 oz.

I have the large at 2.1 oz.

Available here at Sprint Aquatics, for a whopping $4.95.

One thought on “Ultralight Stream Crossing Shoes

  1. Sean Mahoney

    I ordered a pair of these for use on JMT stream crossings later this year. While I was very impressed with how light they were, I wasn’t too happy that they ripped within a minute of me trying them on for the first time… Of course that’s to be expected when they’re so cheap. 🙂

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