We’re going to Wonderland!

Longmire Ranger station called today to inform us that they were able to make one of our backup itineraries work. Score! We're going to Wonderland!

The trip is set for July and our Camp sites are as follows

  • Mowich Lake (Start, No Camp)
  • Mystic Camp
  • White River
  • Indian Bar
  • Maple Creek
  • Paradise River
  • Devils Dream
  • Klapatche Park
  • Golden Lakes
  • Out at Mowich Lake

I'm really excited about it already.

Tips from the ranger:

  • Summer->Indian will have lots of snow at that time of year.
  • VERY deep snow pack currently; may make trail conditions hard
  • a big section somewhere between "box canyon" and reflection lake is washed out – we need to walk the road for 4mi (or hitch) between trails

One thought on “We’re going to Wonderland!

  1. HikingDrew

    Its very cool that your going to be doing the Wonderland, it’s one of my favorite trails in the Northwest. If you need any additional information don’t hesitate to ask as I have completed it 4 1/2 times since 2001.

    I might even be section hiking some of it this year in preparation for my John Muir Trail thru-hike in Aug. Looking at your schedule, the only thing that jumps out right away is Devil’s Dream, Bugs can be horrendous there.. also are you planning on going up over Spray Park or down Ipsut Pass? I prefer Spray and Seattle Park 10 to 1 over Ipsut. If you can get into Golden Lakes early there is one excellent site, but some of the others can get pretty dusty. Be sure to check out the open air privy at Indian Bar, what a spectacular view! Anyway, good luck and happy hiking!


    I have tons of info including topo maps, elevation profiles etc… on my site, feel free to visit and grab what you need.

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