What has Thaifood got to do with Ultralight Backpacking?

Nothing really. They are like oil & water – I have yet to find amazingly delicious & ultralight Thaifood that you can take on your backpacking trip.

However, when I'm off the mountain – one of my other great passions in life is cooking Thai.

A few years ago, Theresa and I spent a month in Thailand travelling with Kasma and her husband Michael on one of their tours. Quite possibly two of the nicest people I have ever met. Kasma is a Thai native and teaches cooking out of her school in Oakland.

After tasting the amazing flavours on our trip – Theresa and I took one of her week long intensive cooking classes where we learned the basics of cooking Thai.

We cook Thai a lot! Especially at dinner parties, and often friends ask me "how do I make a curry like that!" – so I'm going to dedicate some posts to the topic of Thaifood.

I'll cover the ingredients you need and where you can find them in Seattle, and will also post a few step-step recipes. The recipes are those I learned from Kasma – so I hope she forgives me for ripping them off – I claim no ownership to their creation! While you can do your best to follow along, there really is no substitite to learning first-hand in her class how to 'taste' and 'balance' the flavours for that perfect curry! So if you like what you see, and even make a recipe or two – then make sure you find your way down to Oakland to take one of her classes – or atleast purchase one of her books.

Happy eating!

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