Wonderland Woes

We are almost three weeks away from the start of our Wonderland permit.

Things aren't looking good for us. The trail is still buried under the heavy snows from this season.

All of our designated camp sites have 100% snow cover still.

I'm holding off on calling the ranger station for fear of disappointment hearing him laugh at me on the other end of the phone, when I ask how likely will it be hikeable by July 12th.

Sarah posted a scary (to me) video today showing the current snow pack conditions.

Trail conditions can be found here.

We're starting to evaluate alternatives. Hike the Olympic coast? Hop a plane to California and hike the John Muir trail?

6 thoughts on “Wonderland Woes

  1. Ingunn

    Man, this is not a good year for the Wonderland Trail or PCT!

    I vote for the John Muir Trail – it’s my dream, so I would love to live vicariously through you on this blog 😉

  2. samh

    Is a partial hike an option? Carry snowshoes/crampons/ice axe/whatever and make your way through a choice section, perhaps?

  3. Sarah

    Brett, I am sure you saw my TR from 2 weekends ago on the PCT. Hoosierdaddy and I attempted a section from FS 23 to the Columbia River (that doesn’t go higher than say 3400 ft). We bailed after 9 or so miles. We were going 1 mph due to solid snow after the first 2 1/2 miles and so many trees down. We were not having fun I can tell you!
    So yeah….hoping that we will get some better sections in later this summer. After seeing the White River area last Sunday I won’t be back there for another 2 weeks to check it out.


  4. Wade

    Man, that sucks. I did it at the end of July in 06 and it was mostly snow-free except for Panhandle Gap.

    Muir would be cool. I’d love to get up there myself.

  5. brett Post author

    Muir would be cool 🙂 … I’ll dig around and see what I can learn about permitting etc. I’m guessing it’s too short notice to be feasible.

    Sam – yeah – hiking it on snow is an option. Although route-finding would be trickier – and my dream of the wonderland trail has always been strolling among the meadows and flowers. not really trudging around the whole mountain on snow fields 🙂 it may be best saved for another year… i would say later this summer – but with Theresa due in August – aint no way that’s happening 🙂

  6. Chad Alderink

    I did the Wonderland Trail from July 23 to July 29. I went from Mowich Lake clockwise to Box Canyon. I was great. Trail finding was not bad, flowers everywhere, hardly anyone there, easily done, warm temps, no campsites with snow, great trip.

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