50′ of Spectra Cord

50' of spectra cord for 1.2 oz.. What is not to love?

Perfect for hanging food in trees away from bears, tying up captives or making a death-slide across the river.

I'm kidding about the death slide.

This spectra cord (actually not the one in the picture), is all white and flat vs. round. This makes it safer when hanging food in trees as it glides over limbs without 'sawing' into them.

The only trouble, I have with it is that when I use the PCT Method of hanging food, I find the clove-hitch really hard to undo once it's compressed around the twig overnight. I got a great tip from the backpacking light forums to either use a chopstick vs. a twig; or simply snap the twig at the clove hitch.

Available from Gossamer Gear for a staggering $29.

3 thoughts on “50′ of Spectra Cord

  1. Rick Hancock

    Check the antigravitygear site they sell a 40′ length of spectra cord for $18.95. Flat weave, 725 lbs breaking weight, comes with a silnylon throw bag. Weighs 1 oz. They also sell alcohol stoves, and other lite weight gear. In addition your money helps support the Boy Scouts who run the site

  2. Victor N

    Thanks for the site. Lots of great advice. I like the reference to the PCT food hanging method but notice that you haven’t list anything about your food bag/storage. Maybe I miss it?

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