Bozeman Mountainworks Cocoon Vest

A bit of new gear I have my eye on is a replacement for my fleece pullover, which at 7oz is somewhat on the heavy side.

  • I have been really impressed so far with Theresas western mountaineering vest – it's a miracle at 3oz. However, it's down and useless when wet. Theresa carries it for extra warmth at camp and has a fleece as her primary warm layer.

The Bozeman Moutainworks cocoon vest is an interesting candidate. It's synthetic, and so retains it's warmth when wet. At 5.3oz it would save me a precious 2oz and probably be a much warmer layer.

I don't think I care about sleeves – as my thermal underwear and windproof should be enough.

The added bonus, is that it would give me an excellent boost to my sleeping bag, when the temps really dip down.

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