Even Dentists GoLite!

I went to my dentist today for a tooth repair. Bob Spreen (quite possibly the worlds best dentist) was in a very excited mood. Last time I was there, we talked a little about backpacking and how he likes to get out once in a while, but doesn't so much anymore… his gear is heavy etc. I told him about my new found way of travel and something clicked. Bob is a weight-geek at heart too – except for him it's about shaving the extra threads of the titanium bolts on his racing car for more speed. Ultralight backpacking seemed like the perfect fit.

Bob and his wife acquired some new gear – a GoLite Jam Pack, a lighter stove etc and got their weight down considerably this year. They both said how much they enjoyed the new freedom. They don't use the new advantage to travel faster or greater distances, but use it to simply not be tired at the end of the day and not feel encumbered on the trail.

Hearing their story made my day. 🙂

One thought on “Even Dentists GoLite!

  1. Sarah

    Heh…that is pretty good 😉 My husband was joking with me about my new braces being UL, as they are Titanium. Kind of sad that I got Ti ones :p

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