How Ultralight Changed My Life!

OK… maybe the headline sounds like something out of a tabloid, but there's a grain of truth in there.


There are two things that struck me recently where my fetish with going lighter has been of benefit in my normal life.

1. Light Airplane Travel
I go on a lot of business trips with my job and I travel very light. On one-day trips to the bay area, I'll take next to nothing: My mobile phone, a tiny ipod shuffle in my pocket and maybe a laptop (no laptop bag). At SeaTac airport – as I don't have carry on bags I can save time at security by using the 1st class line (For 1st class, MVP members or passengers with no carry on). On 2-3 day trip I might bring a small shoulder bag and on week long trips I bring a small Samsonite bag that I bought in Japan – similar to this.

I watch people fighting over locker space and hauling huge oversized bags onto the plane and getting stressed out all the time. Not me – traveling light takes all the stress out of flying. I can roll on after most people have boarded and always guarantee I can find a time bit of space overhead or worst case under my seat.

2. Impulse Purchase Immunity
Back in the heavy days I used to love to go to REI and get sucked into buying something cool and new. Oh! Look! An ice cream maker for camping, or a mini espresso maker. Now, I still love going to REI – but I'm immune to such impulse purchases. I scoff at the weight of things. Why would you ever bring a 20 lb dutch oven with you on a camping trip? I get more pleasure from purging things I already own, then I do acquiring new things.

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