Google Maps Terrain

Google just recently launched their "Terrain" overlay. Microsoft has had one for

a while over at, but I like Googles version better. It's cleaner and more detailed.

I wonder if someone will create a website where hikers can start plotting out trails using a combination of the Google My Maps and Terrain features.

Here's a quick sample one I whipped up for Copper Ridge Loop: Copper Ridge Loop Map.

Something like this for all the hikes in the US, with clickable pushpins showing photos at that view point. How cool would that be?

Heck – I'd even go a step further and allow people to collaborate photos taken from the same view point, combined with Photosynth to give a 360 degree view.

2 thoughts on “Google Maps Terrain

  1. samh

    Ha! An excellent choice for a quick sample, Brett. I was hiking right there this summer while in the midst of my PNT thru hike. It’s ironic you chose this section, as I was just cruising over this area in Google Earth this evening as well. Nice work on the loop.

    – Sam

  2. Sarah

    Brett, love how one can see the ‘depth’ of a hike now. I love for instance 3D Topo and love looking at Google Earth and flying over a trail and seeing the actual pesky elevation. That loop you show is so gorgeous though. I haven’t been on that trail in 5 years, I need to get back!

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