Coconut Cream Powder Granola

Coconut Cream PowderLooking to spice up your no-cook trail breakfast?

Instead of boring old dried milk – which is usually non-fat (unless you use Nido), give this is try on your Granola. It vastly improves the flavor of the granola and packs a whopping thirteen extra grams of fat.

I suspect this will be a new staple for me at breakfast time.

Credit for this brilliant idea goes to Freezer Bag Cooking, where I read the tip.

I bought my Coconut Cream Powder from Import Food online.

2 thoughts on “Coconut Cream Powder Granola

  1. Sarah

    Hey Brett,
    If you haven’t check out the newest issue of Backpacker Magazine (Jan/Feb ’08). The 5 minute recipes are curries. Know how much you love curries!

  2. brett Post author

    I haven’t seen the Jan/Feb issue – I’ll check that out.

    I did notice the extensive write-up on FBC in the december issue – congrats – that must be awsome exposure. Hope you get a ton of orders from it!

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