Senz Windproof Umbrella

vanbezooyen_core77_senzumbrellas[1] I'm not sure this little fellow truly belongs in the Ultralight club at 8.8 oz (For the Mini). But for 3.2 oz more than the Montbell – it comes with some bonus features:

– Windproof up to 40 mph. Or 70 mph for the normal sized one.

– The asymmetric design has a very elongated tail which would cover the the top of a backpack nicely.

I bought one of these on a recent trip to England. I've used it taking the bus to work in Seattle (it rains a lot), but haven't taken it on the trail.

They just recently started distributing these in the US, so you can now buy them online.

2 thoughts on “Senz Windproof Umbrella

  1. Rod Braithwaite

    Hi Bret.
    Thanks for the site.
    Noticed that the picture you have up is the Senz orginal (15 oz.) as opposed to the mini.


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