Terra Nova Titanium 2G Skewers

I was in Pro Mountain Sports this evening with Tim picking up a few things. skewerOne thing that caught my eye was some crazy small and light tent pegs.

The Terra Nova Titanium 2G Skewers. 2G as they weigh only 2 grams each. I weighed the pegs that came with my cloudburst. There are four of them, and together they weigh 1.6oz. Four of these guys are only 0.3 oz.

Seems like a possibly interesting trade in the future. Worthy of a field test one weekend perhaps. I suspect the holding power is a lot less, but reinforced with a nearby rock they might be just fine.

Pack of 6 is $20. I've only seen them on UK based web sites so far.

Tim also picked up a LiteMax stove, which he's planning on bringing on our trip. Should be a good field test.

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