Wine To Go!

Thankfully Germany is more evolved in some ways than America. Not least of which is with their more relaxed attitudes towards alcohol.

Katadyn makes dehydrated red wine powder for backpacking. Sounds too good to be true… take a a little glacier melt water, warm up to room temperature, stir and mix with the powder… and presto! You have a glass of red wine with 8.2% alcohol content.

No more lugging those heavy bottles in, Jeanne.

I'm bet it's no Leonetti, but I sure want to give it a try to see how bad it tastes.

Thanks to the FDA… only available for shipment in the EU.

3 thoughts on “Wine To Go!

  1. Jeanne Spreen

    Come on…I don’t lug bottles. An empty platypus (1 liter) works great, with the screw cap securely tightened. Can be re-filled with H2O for the hike out if trail water is scarce. One looses a little of the, shall we say nose of the wine after decanting at home, but I’m not nearly that picky. Nor would I really be able to tell.

    Thanks for all the great info! It keeps Bob interested (he gets bored easily) and I get to go hiking more often. ( :

  2. Kara

    Would you reveal your source of powdered red wine to a wine-o whose wine-o best friend is in the Peace Corps in Africa for two years, sneaking the occasional ziplog bag of gin by her Muslim host family as a sorry substitute? I just looked at Katadyn’s website, but they don’t sell it online. I’m pretty sure this would make the world’s best care package though. Do it for you country…or for the good of humanity. You’re supporting the Peace Corps if you tell me where you got it. Please?

  3. brettm

    Hi Kara,

    If you follow the link in the post and change the language to English, you can buy the wine online from the German website. However, they only ship to an EU country. I purchased online and had it shipped to my parents in the UK and then brought it back to the US.

    I gave away my last bag – otherwise I’d be happy to pass it on – but trust me – the Ziplock bag of Gin will be FAR SUPERIOR than this stuff. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. 🙂


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