Toilet Paper

Yes it's toilet paper. What else can I say?

Last time I was at the trail head I saw a couple getting ready for their 4 day trip. They were packing in big loads. The conversation went like this:

Woman: "Honey, how much TP do you have"
Man: "I have tons of it."
Woman: "How much is tons?"
Man: "I have at least two full rolls."
Woman: "I'm bringing an extra."

I shudder to think what they did with 3 rolls of TP in the wilderness.

So here's my theory on TP – bring just what you need as you should be packing it all out with you. We figure about 10 sheets between us/day covers bathroom duties with some extras. We put it in a little zip-lock bag and bring an extra zip-lock for the 'dirties'.

We also carry a few wet ones for those days when it's bad enough that you might burn thro' too many sheets of TP.

I know what you're thinking – "Gee. Thanks for sharing.".

Available from your bathroom.

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