Wet Ones

Ssshh… don't tell anyone else – this is our little secret.

Sometimes when you need to go in the wild, a few sheets of TP just won't cut it. That's when we reach for these little critters. Moist and antibacterial they take care of business.

Again… please remember not matter how gross it seems – pack out the used one with you, they'll take years to decompose.

Of course, taking this whole pack would blow our weight limits. So separate just a few and put them in a thin zip-lock sandwich bag. We figure about a sheet/day each.

I did read on a forum a recommendation to dehydrate the wet-ones for weight savings, and then add-water on the trail. What a brilliant idea. Haven't tried it yet.

You can get a big stash of them from Amazon for only a few bucks. Keep the lid on tight.

One thought on “Wet Ones

  1. Jason

    There’s an easy way to dehydrate them.. Just buy a package and leave it open in your hot car for a couple days. I was dismayed to find my “wet” ones bone dry before my last trip. (actually flushable baby wipes). After putting them in a zip lock back and adding water they went right back to their previous state. Probably lose their anti-bacterial nature after rehydration, though?

    Also, something new: http://www.canawipe.com

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