Weight: 6lbs 14 oz

Sounds heavy – but this newest addition to my backpack is worth every ounce in carrying with me.

Chester Morgan Marl was born last night weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz. Theresa did an amazing job of delivering him with a natural birth at Swedish hospital.

I've seen Theresa do some pretty amazing things – like 50 miles of mud, roots and ladders on the West Coast Trail or rock climbing Devils Tower – but her stamina for 22 hrs of drug-free labor blew me away. I'm in awe.

His name is in honour of my birthplace (Chester, UK) and because we think it's cool.

More Pics at http://chestermorgan.smugmug.com

24 thoughts on “Weight: 6lbs 14 oz

  1. boyandgirlscouts

    Congratulations on the future backpacker! I still remember how much much my youngest son loved being hauled on my back. In fact, one time he refused to get out and fell asleep in the pack as it stood propped on the ground. You guys are going to have so much fun as a family. Just a thought; there are some great kid groups that promote living in the outdoors (hint, my screename) and I’m sure that any organization would be lucky to have y’all. May prosperity and good fortune always surround your family.

  2. Alan

    Superb choice of name. Great photo. Absolutely over the moon for you. Well and truly delighted for you all three of you. Chester’s a lucky lad.

    Love Al, Fliss, Molly and Emilia.

    PS. I’m sending this from work, so I guess this is Chester saying Well done too! 😉

  3. samh

    A wonderful interlude for a blog typically devoted to backpacking. My congratulations to the three of you! And Theresa my compliments to you on choosing a natural birth. Your connection to Chester for the duration will be so much more stable and full of love based on those oh-so-important moments that took place between birth and the first moments of life. May the three of you grow wonderfully together!

  4. Carlton

    Wow – he looks so peaceful…..and you so happy. Congrats to the family.

    P.S. Way ta go Theresa!

  5. brett Post author

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Theresa and Chester and doing awesome post-natal work. He’s eating, pooping and sleeping like a pro and Theresa and I can’t stop smiling!

  6. Brad

    Wow, congratulations! He is beautiful. I can tell you that kids are the very best. Well done and good luck 😉

  7. claude

    Congratulations! What a little champion! Dana and I are looking forward to introducing Rose to Chester and to taking you up on that offer to babysit for us whenever we feel like it. You don’t remember that? Well, I do, and that’s what counts. 🙂 Dana says “fantastic job Theresa!” Dana also says she doesn’t remember your babysitting offer… but I do and, like I said, that’s what counts. 😉

  8. Chris & Fran

    So if Baby Moorey is a girl – I’ll be making sure we keep her away from Baby Marl !!! The world isn’t ready for that mix yet!

    All the best guys – speak soon

  9. David Perry

    Brett & Teresa:

    Congratulations! Chester – a very cool name for a very cool kid blessed by caring and cool parents. Chester Marl – future Prime Minister?


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