Free Gear – GoLite Breeze Backpack

I'm spring cleaning . (yes – I know it's Fall ) and sorting through my outdoor gear. I have a GoLite Breeze up for grabs. This pack was the predecessor to the Jam and based on Ray Jardine's original design in Beyond Backpacking. It's a very light no frill pack and in excellent (used) condition.


Read this GoLite Breeze Review for more info.

How do you win? Simply submit a comment on this post and include your email address (so I can contact you for sending info…) when you do. I'll pick a lucky winner at random on Friday.

Oh – and you have to agree to reimburse me for postage costs.

[Read Lucky Winner to see who won]

29 thoughts on “Free Gear – GoLite Breeze Backpack

  1. Walter Underwood

    Put my name in the hat.

    I borrowed a similar GoLite for Skyline-to-the-Sea (32 miles, 3 days) two summers ago. You need to pack it carefully so that it will carry well, but it sure is light.

  2. Anthony Green

    Hi Brett,

    As an avid reader of your blog, particularly your gear lists, you have helped me get from a backpack weighing circa 40Lbs with food, to well under 30lbs (Solo, 7 days, inc food, and water) – now all I need is a more compact, ultra-light backpack, which would force me to finally ditch the tent in exchange for a tarp.

    Last summer I cycled from your neck of the woods in San Francisco to Los Angeles – that really got me thinking about weight saving – the bike was so heavy until I offloaded a load of unnecessary gear in Big Sur!!

    My girlfriend is not really a hiker, but having shared excerpts of your Wonderland trail with her, she is really getting into it – we went up Snowdon in the pouring rain, and I have promised to take her for a two day hike as part of a holiday in the States, in the sunshine – this would be great for one of us to carry, I bet we could enjoy the scenery with only the bare minimum packed into the Golite.

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Cameron

    I have been dying to get my hands on one of these packs. Its very generous of you to simply give it away. (For the cost of postage…Of course) I would like to through my name in the drawing as well. I can be reached at cameronjreed(at)gmail(dot)com.

  4. John Callahan


    I have enjoyed reading the posts on your web site. I just completed my first multi-day backpacking trip in PA – two days and 27.5 miles on the Old Logger’s Path. I used your site extensively for gear reviews and recommendations. I was able to convince a co-worker, Brian D, who hiked with me to lighten his load somewhat. If I win, Brian will get the pack as his first piece of true ultra light gear. I purchased a Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus two months ago – it’s an excellent backpack. Thanks for all your past work.

  5. vADOOM

    Here’s to sustainable sharing!

    I’ll be away from computers for the next two weeks. Backpacking, as it goes ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Aaron

    Hi Brett!

    Your Gear List inspired me to put together a new set of ultralight gear! I have a bunch of items together, but no pack, yet (I live in Boulder, CO and am hoping to be able to afford something from the GoLite warehouse sale this weekend… but funds are not exactly plentiful at this point in time). I would be very excited and honored to be able to use your old pack!

  7. Don

    Dear Brett,
    Was researching packs and was so impressed with your GoLite review that I decided I wanted one, THEN I saw the timing of this give-away! I would be thrilled to give your pack a happy home and lots of miles. I am at ddmondo AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks!

  8. Richard


    I’ll like to add my name to the raffle for the pack. I’m just easing into going UL and if I’m lucky enough to have my name drawn it would make a nice Christmas present for myself. Thanks for the opportunity and for all your hard work on this blog.


  9. Ryan

    iay eednay otay eplaceray ymay alway artmay ackpay incesay iay pendsay llaay ymay oneymay noay ymay ourfay idskay.



    Translated for the non-pig latin speaking crowd: i need to replace my al mart pack since i spend all my money on my four kids. tanks [Brett]

  10. jesse

    wow good accurate info im a beginer backpacker and i live in bishop ca at the base of the sierras we have awsome backpacking up here i got a 1970 old backpack with broken zippers that i got for 5 dollars at a garage sale but so what i still have a great time and im going to get the toes type socks cant wait to just go up again me and my boy a back pack for would be good for him if we win it . im just another guy that lost my job to economic stuff thankx the dixons

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